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Co-browse Configuration and Setup Overview

  1. Check the Co-browse requirements.

  2. Sign up for PureCloud Engage 3 and arrange for billing.

  3. Set up the PureCloud for CIC integration. See the PureCloud for CIC Administrator's Guide in the CIC Resource Center.

    Note: Setting up the PureCloud for CIC integration automatically creates a PureCloud organization that is paired with your CIC user information.

  4. In PureCloud Administration, assign the Engage User role to selected agents. Assign the Engage Supervisor role to one or more selected supervisors.

    Note: For more information, see the PureCloud Resource Center articles: Products, roles and permissions list, About People and Permissions, and Edit a user's profile.

  5. In Interaction Administrator, assign the Customize Client Security right to selected CIC agents.

    Requirement: In order to display the Co-Browse view in Interaction Connect, agents need the Customize Client Security right.

  6. Enable the co-browse feature on your company website.

    This step includes creating a deployment key and adding a reference to the PureCloud Co-browse JavaScript API to your webpage source. For examples of ways to mask sensitive data during a co-browse session, see also Mask data in co-browse.