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Use this section to configure the following properties for calls.

Timeout for external calls (in seconds)

Enter the number of seconds outgoing calls will ring before they are disconnected. This timeout setting will be ignored unless Analyze Outgoing External Calls is selected, and the dialing is from the CIC clients. If outgoing call is manually dialed (using handset), the outgoing call will ignore this setting and will continue ringing until answered. The default value is 45 seconds.

Used advanced dialing options (account code, workgroup)

Select this option to display the Advanced Dialing Options dialog box when calls are made. This dialog box enables assignment of an account code to the call and association of the call with a workgroup.

Analyze outgoing external calls

Select this option to allow the CIC clients to monitor outgoing external interactions. When this option is selected, Telephony Services (TS) monitors whether the outgoing interaction connects to a person or an answering machine. An interaction is listed in the Dialing state after dialing a number from the CIC client Number field or directly on the phone handset. After the remote party picks up the interaction, the state changes to Connected. If an interaction does not connect, then TS will try to diagnose why the attempt to connect failed and display the reason (for example, a connect may fail if the other party fails to answer or if the line is busy).

Enable call waiting

Select this option to turn on the call waiting feature so agents are notified when another call is coming in while they are on the phone.

Mute calls when transferring

Select this option to mute a transferred call so that the caller cannot hear what the agent is saying. (However, the transfer recipient can hear the agent.) Once the call is transferred or the Transfer dialog box is closed, the call is no longer muted.

Connect to Oldest Held Call When I Pick up the Phone (as long as there are no alerting calls)

Select this option for the CIC clients to automatically connect to interactions on hold. When the  receiver is picked up and there is one or more interactions on hold, the CIC clients will automatically connect to the call holding the longest in the queue. This option is not available in Cisco TAPI environments.

Show alert dialog when the security of a call falls below the requested security level

Select this option to display an alert to the user if a once secure call is determined to no longer be secure.

Play DTMF sounds when using the dial pad with external stations

When you are using an external station (e.g., a Polycom phone, Interaction SIP station, or a remote station), select this option to play the DTMF tones through the user's PC speakers when pressing the corresponding digits on the CIC clients dial pad. By default, this option is not enabled.

Operator Target Number

Enter the telephone number or extension to which to send callers that choose zero to exit out of voice mail.

Open new window for incoming calls

Select this check box to open a new window for incoming calls, otherwise any incoming call will be opened in the existing window.

Allow user to modify any of these values

Select this check box to allow users assigned to this template and the master administrator to change any of these settings.



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