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station.gif Licenses for stand-alone fax and stand-alone phone stations

Note: If you enabled the Enhanced Interaction Administrator Change log, then changes to station licenses are tracked in that log. For more information, see About the Enhanced Interaction Administrator Change Log.

Use this page to assign licenses to the station or station template. This page applies to Stand-alone Fax and Stand-alone Phone station types.

Basic Station License

This license represents an audio path between CIC and a station. This license is not required, but without it the audio for station will not play. A non-audio station may be used or for non-audio interactions.

A Standalone Fax and Standalone Phone should always be assigned a Basic Station License. A Bus Device Fax station does not use a Basic Station License.

Note: If the station (Station A) is assigned a Basic Station license and two different users (User A and User B) each have all other necessary rights (i.e., Client Access) assigned to them, then both users can simultaneously login to that station,   (User A and User B can both be logged into Station A at the same time). If the second user to login does not have the necessary licenses assigned, then the second user login will fail.

Recorder Access License

Assign this license to enable the ability to record on this station.

Enable Licenses

Select this check box to set the license settings to Active. If unchecked, the licenses settings on this page are ignored by the system. This is a way to turn off licensing for a station, but keep the license settings.

Click OK to save your changes. These license assignments are immediately reflected in the license counts in the Licenses Allocation container list.

Note: For specific license information on each type of license, see the PureConnect Licensing Technical Reference in the PureConnect Documentation Library.


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