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station.gif SIP station general

Use this page to configure general SIP station options. This page is not available when setting options for a Global SIP Station.

Call Waiting

Select this check box to enable the call waiting tone.

Ring Always (Workstation configuration only)

This check box controls whether or not the telephone associated with a workstation rings when incoming calls alert on that station. The Ring Always check box always overrides the CIC client setting.  If the station configuration in Interaction Administrator has Ring Always selected, on the Client Configuration page, the "Ring telephone for calls" option is selected and grayed out by default and the user can not override it.

Select this check box if you want the station telephone to always ring when the user receives a call, even if the CIC client is not running or if the Ring Telephone check box is not selected. Clear this check box to allow the state of the Ring telephone for calls check box to determine if a user's default workstation telephone rings when a new interaction arrives for a user.

Synchronize Phone DND Button to IC Status

Select this check box to allow the CIC client user on this station, to synchronized status between CIC client and the user's desktop Polycom IP phone DND button.

MAC Address

Enter the MAC address for this SIP station in the format as  XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX.