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station.gif SIP station region settings

A region defines areas where SIP stations and lines are physically interconnected and within this region a specific dial plan may be required based on the central office or switching fabric it may be connected to.

CIC uses locations to define the bandwidth requirements and endpoints (stations and lines) for a region.

Use this page to set a location for this SIP station. This page is not available when setting options for a Global SIP Station.


Choose the Location from the pull-down menu for this SIP station.

The location represents an area where devices are considered to be in the same physical place. This location defines a set of endpoints that can share a common dial plan. The stations and lines that are members of a Location are utilized by the dial plan entries that are applicable to a locale they are operating in. The location also defines the codec communications and the ability to communicate between devices and locations.

Note: Location options available from the pull-down menu are defined in the Regionalization container.