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station.gif Station emergency information settings

Use this page to set station location options that are used in the event of an emergency.


Enter the description of the location of this station. This description is displayed in station group directories in the CIC clients. For example, a description might be "Conference Room 1."

Emergency Access

Use this section to enter emergency access information for this station for emergency support.

Calling Party Number

Enter the outbound ANI (10 digit numeric) to use for emergency calls from this station. The Automatic Location Identification (ALI) record field is CPN and in "emergency" terminology it is Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN).


Enter the location information (60 digit alpha-numeric) for emergency personnel dispatched (i.e., Building 1, floor 3, north wing, office #26, next to elevator). The ALI record field is LOC.

Customer Name

Enter the name (32 character alpha-numeric ) to provide for this station (i.e., John Smith). The ALI record field is NAM.


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