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station.gif Station options settings

Use this page to set station options.

Timeout for Incoming Interactions

This setting determines the number of seconds an incoming interaction rings at the CIC client station before the interaction quits alerting and proceeds to the next step in the handler (for example, goes to voicemail or changes an ACD agent’s status to ACD-Agent not answering and offers the interaction to another agent). The default value is 15 seconds; entering 0 (zero) also means 15 seconds. The minimum value is 7 seconds, which allows at least one full ring cycle. For North America, the standard ring duration for one ring is six seconds, which includes two seconds of ring and four seconds of pause time.  

Use IC Follow Me (applies only to Exchange - Unified Messaging users)

Select this option to rely on the CIC server instead of the UM platform to perform this function.

Require Forced Authorization Code

Select Require Forced Authorization Code to require users to enter an extension and a password for certain phone classifications assigned to this station. The phone classifications have been previously set up by the server parameter "Toll Call Classifications." This setting does not apply to UM station types.

Station has MWI message light (this option is not available on a managed workstation)

Select Station has MWI message light so the system will turn on the message light (on Caller ID and ADSI telephones) whenever a caller leaves a voice message. When the message is picked up, the light is automatically turned off.

Note: To fully enable the MWI feature, you must activate MWI at the default station level, the station level, and the user level.

Outbound ANI

Enter the ANI/Caller ID for the system to send when making an outbound call from this station.

Notes: If a user is logged into the station and makes a call, the user's configuration for the Outbound ANI overrides this setting.

This Outbound ANI option does not override a call placed with a specific Calling Party Number and Calling Party Name. Call Forwarding and Follow-me numbers placed as outbound calls use the Forwarded Parties ANI and Name where allowed.


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