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station.gifStation types

You can create several types of stations:

Station Type



A PC (with a phone) on the network in the same domain as the CIC server.

Stand-Alone Phone

A telephone that is NOT associated with a PC, but that has an extension number on the Interaction Center server.

Stand-Alone Fax

An independent fax machine with its own phone line (for example, HP OfficeJet).

Remote Station


A station assigned to a user or agent who runs a CIC client outside of the network domain of the CIC server.

Unified Messaging

This station type defines the station as a Third Party Unified Messaging provider. This station type is only available when a SIP or a Third Party Unified Messaging license is present.

Once a station entry is complete, the only way to change that station's name is to create a new entry with the new name and configuration attributes and then delete the original station.

Note: All stations have dialing Access Controls that determine what kinds (for example, classifications) of phone numbers each station is permitted to dial. This provides a level of dialing security to prevent toll fraud.