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Bridge Status

This page lets you quickly see whether the bridge and connectors for the PureCloud integration are online and syncing properly.

Note: In PureCloud, you can see these same connector details in Admin > Integrations > Bridge > Connectors.

To see the details of a connector, click its node. The following table describes the icons that you may see when you expand the connector details.




Status: This connector is online and data is syncing properly.


Status: This connector is not online and not syncing. You may see this icon if the connector has been deleted in PureCloud. Click Refresh to see updated information from PureCloud.


Location: The bridge is installed here.


Information: This icon indicates some information; it does not indicate the status of the bridge.

Note: One type of information is Leader. The leader is set when there are 2 or more connector instances. Leader: True indicates that this server is the active server in the switchover pair. Leader: False indicates that this server is not the active server in the switchover pair.


Caution: An event has occurred which requires your attention.


Timestamp: An event at this time.


FQDN: This is the fully qualified domain name of the bridge.



Click Refresh to verify that you are viewing the most up-to-date information. The information shown may change as connectors are added or deleted from the integration.


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