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SystemConfig.gif Mailboxes

Select the default email account (or distribution list) for each of the following roles in CIC message distribution. Handlers can send email to these designated accounts by specifying the Directory Services (DS) attributes for each recipient. See the Mailboxes Configuration online Help for details on how to select a mailbox if you don't know its name.

Note: The actual IC Administrator mailbox should not be used in these fields, as it could result in the administrator's mailbox receiving excessive mail. On your email server, you might create an account and mailbox (that the IC Administrator can log on to and check periodically) to be used in these fields.

Voice Mail Recipient

Select the mailbox account to receive voicemail when the intended recipient is not known or cannot be reached. This prevents voicemail from getting lost because an incorrect or ambiguous email address was used. The DS attribute for this account is: Default Voice Mail Recipient, found in the $CONFIGPATH\Configuration registry key.

Fax Recipient

Select the Mailbox account (or distribution list) to use to receive faxes when they arrive. This account must be a group or individual who is entrusted with the responsibility of reading the cover page on each fax and then forwarding it to the intended recipients. The DS attribute for this account is: Default Fax Recipient, which is found in the $CONFIGPATH\Configuration registry key.

IC Administrator

Select the mailbox account to receive email if a handler needs to report an event. You can customize handlers to send an email notification for any event to the mailbox you select. For example, you could create an email account and mailbox named ICMail, and the CIC administrator could check it periodically for email.

The DS attribute for this account is: IC Administrator Recipient, found in the $CONFIGPATH\Configuration registry key.

Voice Mail TUI XML File

This setting supports the migration of Voicemail TUI definitions from handlers to XML.


By default this option is selected and the standard Voicemail TUI XML file is used that is shipped with CIC. The XML file (and other related files) is stored in a standard directory location (defined by the Resources Path server parameter) which is populated during installation.


Select this option to create a custom Voicemail TUI XML file. Click the Browse button to browse to the custom XML file location.