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Email-to-case in PureConnect for Salesforce

PureConnect for Salesforce supports the email-to-case feature in Salesforce using the Salesforce Object Routing Connector. The Salesforce Object Routing Connector is a separate product that automatically routes emails to the appropriate queue using CIC’s ACD engine. Agents cannot respond to emails within the softphone itself. They must use the Salesforce or CIC client email workflow to actually send emails. For fuller functionality, run the CIC client alongside Salesforce.

When an email interaction is routed to an agent’s queue, the email screen pops the associated case record. The agent uses the email form in Salesforce to reply to the email. Once the agent replies to the email, the email interaction in PureConnect for Salesforce disconnects, if configured to do so by the Salesforce Object Routing Connector. For more information, see the PureConnect for Salesforce Integration Administrator's Guide.

Note: If agents are configured to auto-answer calls, they will not get the screen pop with the associated case.