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Social Media Related Applications



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Interaction Connect

Allows agents to receive and respond to social media interactions. Agents can pick up, hold, and disconnect social media interactions.

Interaction Connect also provides agents with access to their quality management scorecards and interaction recordings for social media interactions.

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Interaction Tracker

Allows administrators and supervisors to search for social media interactions and view the details in the Interaction Details view.

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Interaction Recorder

Allows supervisors to search for and play back recordings for social media interactions. For example, when creating a search in Interaction Recorder Client in IC Business Manager, a supervisor can add a search attribute to find recordings for Twitter by searching for Media Specific > Social > Platform and selecting Twitter.

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Interaction Recorder Policy Editor

Allows supervisors to create initiation, retention, and security policies for recording social media conversations.

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Interaction Designer

Includes a new social conversation exit path for the Query Media Type toolstep for determining interaction types. There is a new initiator for transferring social media interactions

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Interaction Supervisor in IC Business Manager

Includes statistics for the longest social conversation and active social conversations and includes the social conversation media type in the search criteria in the Interaction Details view. The Interaction Details dialog includes a media type indicator for social conversations.

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Note: Social media interactions are not routed through Interaction Director.