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Virtualizing Interaction Media Server in a production environment

Interaction Media Server processes communications in real-time as opposed to other systems that can perform data operations with minor, acceptable delays in processing. As such, Interaction Media Server is not well-suited and not recommended for virtualization as any processing delays and contention for resources can cause audio quality issues.

Some applications are better candidates for virtualization than others because of many variables, such as sensitivity to delays, direct interaction with hardware resources, and others. Not all virtualization platforms are equal as some solutions have different scaling capabilities, various features, and levels of separation between the guest and the host hardware platform.


Genesys allows installation and operation of Interaction Media Server in properly configured virtual machines in a non-PureConnect Cloud production environment.However, Genesys does not provide technical support for Interaction Media Server when run as a virtual machine.You are solely responsible for the configuration, performance, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Interaction Media Server as a virtual machine.