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Configure Interaction Attendant for the Zendesk Screen Pop Connector

To activate the Zendesk Screen Pop Connector, apply the corresponding screen pop action in Interaction Attendant to each of the interactions that you want to cause a screen pop in Zendesk. When applying these actions, fill in the required information for each action.

  1. Add a profile (or modify an existing one) in Interaction Attendant.

  2. To add a new screen pop action:

    1. Right-click Default Schedule.

    2. Choose Insert > New Operation > Screen Pop.

  3. In the Screen Pop Action menu, select the type of screen pop you want.

  4. To specify the input value, double-click the row in the Values table.

    The input value is used to identify the object to be popped within Zendesk. This element is the popped object CustomData, CustomField, ID, or the caller’s ANI, depending on the screen pop action used.

    Note: Because the requirements for setting custom fields vary based on the type of field, refer to Zendesk’s API.

For information about publishing configurations, see Interaction Attendant Help from the Help menu in the application.