The SkillSetConfiguration type exposes the following members.


Public propertyChanged (Inherited from EditableListConfigurationObject<(Of <(<'SkillSetConfiguration..::..Property>)>)>.)
Public propertyColumnName
The name of the contact list column that contains skill values.
Public propertyConfigurationId (Inherited from ListConfigurationObject.)
Public propertyIsDefaultObject
Indicates whether this is the default instance of this object type.
Public propertyIsExporting
Tells whether the current object is being used for exporting
Public propertyIsNewObject (Inherited from ConfigurationObject.)
Public propertyMinimumProficiency
The minimum skill proficiency required by an agent to process a call for that skill.
Public propertyOriginalConfigurationId (Inherited from ListConfigurationObject.)
Public propertyRevisionLevel
The current version number of this object.
Public propertySkills
The list of Dialer skills contained in this skill set.

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