The TimezoneMapDatasetConfiguration type exposes the following members.


Public propertyChanged (Inherited from EditableListConfigurationObject<(Of <(<'TimezoneMapDatasetConfiguration..::..Property>)>)>.)
Public propertyConfigurationId (Inherited from ListConfigurationObject.)
Public propertyDataFile
The path of the timezone mapping data file this object represents.
Public propertyFormat
The format of this data file.
Public propertyIsDefaultObject
Indicates whether this is the default instance of this object type.
Public propertyIsExporting
Tells whether the current object is being used for exporting
Public propertyIsNewObject (Inherited from ConfigurationObject.)
Public propertyLastLoaded
A timestamp indicating when this file was last validated by dialer.
Public propertyLastUpdated
A timestamp indicating when this file was last modified.
Public propertyOriginalConfigurationId (Inherited from ListConfigurationObject.)
Public propertyPriority
The order of precedence in relation to other time zone map data sets in the configuration.
Public propertyRevisionLevel
The current version of this object.

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