Represents the details for a status message watched object. Object instances of this class are managed by the StatusMessageList class.

Namespace: ININ.IceLib.People
Assembly: ININ.IceLib.People (in ININ.IceLib.People.dll) Version: (


public class StatusMessageDetails
Visual Basic
Public Class StatusMessageDetails


This class contains information about a status message, such as its description, icon, and type of status (Do Not Disturb, After Call Work, Persistent, etc). Users can add, remove, and modify status messages in Interaction Administrator. Each property is represented by an integer value within the StatusMessageProperty enumeration.

The IC server only provides the file name on the server of the status message icons. In order to access these icons, they must be installed in the "Resources" subdirectory of the directory where your application executable resides. If the appropriate icon cannot be found, the icon will be substituted with the stock "Available" icon, unless the status is a "Do Not Disturb" status in which case the stock "Do Not Disturb" icon will be used.

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Version Information

Supported for IC Server version 2015 R1 and beyond.
For 4.0, supported for IC Server version 4.0 GA and beyond.
For 3.0, supported for IC Server version 3.0 GA and beyond.

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