Gets or sets an additional clock skew for the session.

Namespace: ININ.IceLib.Connection
Assembly: ININ.IceLib (in ININ.IceLib.dll) Version: (


public TimeSpan AdditionalUtcOffset { get; set; }
Visual Basic
Public Property AdditionalUtcOffset As TimeSpan

Field Value

The additional clock skew.


The default is a time span of 0. This can be changed to perform a "proxy" time adjustment as if the user were logging in from another machine. For instance, a web server might want to artificially adjust time to match where the web browser is running.

This time span will be added into all IceLib DateTime values:

  • [Clock Skew] = [Server Time Now in Local Time] - [Client Time Now]
  • [IceLib Client Time] = [Server Time in Local Time] - [Clock Skew] - [AdditionalUtcOffset]
  • [Server Time in Local Time] = [IceLib Client Time] + [Clock Skew] + [AdditionalUtcOffset]

Version Information

Supported for IC Server version 2015 R1 and beyond.
For 4.0, supported for IC Server version 4.0 GA and beyond.
For 3.0, supported for IC Server version 3.0 GA and beyond.

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