The UserTrackerRightsAttributes type exposes the following members.


Public fieldStatic memberAllowRelatedInteractionsPage
Allows the user to use the related interactions page.
Public fieldStatic memberCanAddIndividuals
Allows the user to add individuals.
Public fieldStatic memberCanAddOrganizations
Allows the user to add organizations.
Public fieldStatic memberCanAddPrivateIndividuals
Allows the user to add private individuals.
Public fieldStatic memberCanDeleteIndividuals
Allows the user to delete individuals.
Public fieldStatic memberCanDeleteOrganizations
Allows the user to delete organizations.
Public fieldStatic memberCanPerformTrackerAdministration
Allows the user to perform Tracker administration.
Public fieldStatic memberCanUpdateIndividuals
Allows the user to update individuals.
Public fieldStatic memberCanUpdateInteractions
Allows the user to update interactions.
Public fieldStatic memberCanUpdateOrganizations
Allows the user to update organizations.
Public fieldStatic memberCanViewNonParticipantInteractions
Allows the user to view Interactions when they are not a participant.
Public fieldStatic memberViewUserInteractionHistory
Indicates which users' interaction history the user has permission to view.

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