The ININ.IceLib.ProcessAutomation namespace contains classes for manipulating, monitoring, and managing Interaction Process Automation data.

The Interaction Process Automation system consists of many entities such as Processes, Process instances, and Work Items.

In order to use some of the Process Automation APIs, the custom IceLib-based application must acquire an IPA license for the logged in user. Having acquired any of these 4 licenses will be sufficient to pass the validation check. The IA control is a radio button, so a user will at most have only 1 of the licenses.

Licenses for Interaction Process Automation and its APIs are assigned and configured in Interaction Administrator. A user can have only one of the following licenses:

  • Direct Routed Work Items - Users with the I3_ACCESS_IPA_USER license can receive work items that are routed directly to them.
  • Group Routed Work Items - Users with the I3_ACCESS_IPA_USER_ACD license can receive work items that are routed to them either directly or as a member of a workgroup (similar to an ACD queue).
  • Process Monitor - Users with the I3_ACCESS_IPA_MONITOR license can view process statuses and details in the Process Monitor.
  • Process Designer - Users with the I3_ACCESS_IPA_DESIGNER license can receive work items or create and modify processes.

The licenses are cumulative. That is, the Group Routed Work Items license includes the Direct Routed Work Items license, the Process Monitor license includes both of the Routed Work Items licenses, and the Process Designer license includes all the other licenses.

The asynchronous and synchronous versions of these methods are affected:


Public classAsyncGetLaunchableProcessesCompletedEventArgs
Public classAsyncGetProcessDefinitionsCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for the asynchronous completed events of ProcessDefinitionList.
Public classLaunchableProcessesEventArgs
Provides data for the LaunchableProcessesChanged event of a ProcessManager.
Public classProcessDefinition
Provides information about a process that the user can launch.
Public classProcessDefinitionList
A watchable list of all ProcessDefinition instances the current user has access to.
Public classProcessDefinitionListEventArgs
Provides data for the ProcessDefinitionsListChanged event.
Public classProcessInstance
Defines an instance of a process.
Public classProcessInstanceCancelData
Class that holds data for canceling a process instance.
Public classProcessLaunchParameters
Provides a way to attach data while launching processes.
Public classProcessManager
Provides access to all process automation classes in the ININ.IceLib.ProcessAutomation namespace.
Public classProcessManager..::..CancelResults
The result code of a cancel process attempt.
Public classProcessStatus
Represents the current status of ProcessInstance.
Public classWorkItemInteraction
Represents a work item interaction within the Interaction Center system.
Public classWorkItemInteractionAttributeName
Specifies attribute names that can be used with WorkItemInteractions.


Public enumerationFlowStatus
Represents the running flow status.
Public enumerationPasOverloadedAtLaunchOption
Specifies the action that should be taken by Process Automation Server (PAS) if PAS is overloaded at the time of the launch request.

Version Information

Supported for IC Server version 2015 R1 and beyond.
For 4.0, supported for IC Server version 4.0 GA and beyond.
For 3.0, supported for IC Server version 3.0 SU 8 and beyond.