Provides access to the property representing the right to modify optimizer activity codes (use TPropertyEnum.SecurityRights_CanModifyOptimizerActivityCodes).

Namespace: ININ.IceLib.Configuration
Assembly: ININ.IceLib.Configuration (in ININ.IceLib.Configuration.dll) Version: (


public InheritableConfigurationProperty<TPropertyEnum, bool> CanModifyOptimizerActivityCodes { get; }
Visual Basic
Public ReadOnly Property CanModifyOptimizerActivityCodes As InheritableConfigurationProperty(Of TPropertyEnum, Boolean)

Field Value

The property representing the modify optimizer activity codes.

Version Information

Supported for IC Server version 2015 R1 and beyond.
For 4.0, supported for IC Server version 4.0 SU 5 and beyond.

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