IceLib API elements have documentation describing their release version information. This can help clarify what IC Server Version is required at an installation to support a given API element usage in an IceLib-based application.

IC Server Version

Some IceLib API elements (e.g. namespaces, classes, methods, events, properties) will be added in a service update (SU) rather than being part of the initial release. For example, new API elements might be added in "4.0 SU 3" to augment what was initially available at "4.0". When this happens, frequently the IC Server must also have that SU applied in order for the IceLib API to function properly.

When this is the case, the documentation for that IceLib API element will include a note explaining that a particular IC Server version is required. If the IceLib API element is used with an IC server of the incorrect version, it usually throws a ININ.IceLib..::..ServerOperationNotSupportedException exception. The following figure shows a similar example from a 3.0 SU.

IC Server Version Requirement, for Service Updates

Additionally, the version information is included in a Version Information section on most API elements. For the 4.0 IceLib API element, this section details the minimum IC server release of 4.0 that is required, for example 'GA' or 'SU 2' (where 'GA' refers to the initial release of 4.0). For informational purposes, the Version Information section also details which 2.4 or 3.0 releases also supported the matching API element from the 3.0 IceLib API, if it contained a matching API element. The following figure shows an example.

IC Server Version Requirement