The ININ.IceLib.Configuration.DataTypes namespace contains classes that provide support to the classes in the ININ.IceLib.Configuration namespace. Examples of the supporting classes are enumerations, event argument classes, and delegates used by events within classes.


Public classAccessControlGroup
Represents an Access Control Group.
Public classActionTypeValues
Represents the valid values for the ActionType property.
Public classAnalyzerKeywordSetChannelRelationship
Represents a channel relationship configuration value.
Public classBasicPhoneNumber
Represents a phone number configuration value.
Public classClientTemplate
Contains information about a published client template.
Public classDate
Represents a date configuration value.
Public classKeywordCount
The Keyword Count information for a given langauge.
Public classKeywordCountInformation
The Keyword Count information.
Public classMultiLanguageString
Represents a multi-language string configuration value.
Public classRoutingTableEntrySettings
Represents an entry in the routing table.
Public classSecureInputFormFieldDefinition
Represents a SecureInputFormConfiguration's field definition.
Public classSipAddress
Represents a SIP address.
Public classSkillSettings
Represents a user's configuration skill settings.
Public classStructuredParameter
Represents a structured parameter value for a StructuredParameterConfiguration object.
Public classTime
Represents a time configuration value.
Public classUtilizationSettings
Represents a user's configuration utilization settings.


Public enumerationAccessControlGroupObjectType
Represents the possible object types that can be assigned to an Access Control Group.
Public enumerationAnalyzerKeywordSetChannelType
Represents the channel type for analyzer keyword set channel relationships.
Public enumerationEFaqSearchOption
Represents the e-FAQ Search Option used by a UserConfiguration.
Public enumerationICDataSourceSubType
Represents the data source sub type for a object.
Public enumerationICDataSourceType
Represents the data source type for a object.
Public enumerationImageMimeType
Represents the image mime type for an ImageResourceCategoryConfiguration and an ImageResourceConfiguration.
Public enumerationInteractionProcessAutomationLicenseType
Represents the Interaction Process Administration license type for user configuration licensing purposes.
Public enumerationLicenseAllocationType
Represents the License Allocation type used for Concurrent Licensing Purposes.
Public enumerationLicenseAppliesToType
Represents the types of licenses that can be queried for.
Public enumerationLyncOption
Represents the Lync Option for the LyncOption property.
Public enumerationMailboxDirectoryType
Represents the mailbox type for a MailboxDirectoryDefinition.
Public enumerationMediaLevel
Represents the media level for user configuration licensing purposes.
Public enumerationMediaType
Represents the media type for user configuration licensing purposes.
Public enumerationMonitoredMailboxType
Represents a monitored mailbox type.
Public enumerationMwiMode
Represents the message waiting indicator mode.
Public enumerationOrientation
The paper orientation of the report.
Public enumerationParameterSource
Source of this parameter.
Public enumerationQueueColumnAttributeType
Represents the attribute type for a QueueColumn.
Public enumerationRecurrencePatternType
Represents the recurrence pattern type for a schedule.
Public enumerationRecurrenceRelativeDayType
Represents the relative day recurrence type for a schedule. Used with RecurrenceRelativeMonthlyType to specify, e.g., the second Wednesday of the month.
Public enumerationRecurrenceRelativeMonthlyType
Represents the monthly recurrence instance type for a schedule. Used with RecurrenceRelativeDayType to specify, e.g., the second Wednesday of the month.
Public enumerationReportingParameterDataType
Parameter data type.
Public enumerationReportingParameterTypes
The type of Report Parameter; tells the Report engine how to handle it.
Public enumerationReportType
The type of output for this meta data.
Public enumerationRoutingTableDestinationType
Represents the Destination Type for a Routing Table entry.
Public enumerationRoutingTableSubstitutionType
Represents the Substitution Type for a Routing Table entry.
Public enumerationSecureInputFormType
Represents a SecureInputFormConfiguration's form type.
Public enumerationStationType
Represents the type of a station.
Public enumerationStructuredParameterType
Represents the structured parameter type for a StructuredParameter object.
Public enumerationTimeZoneDisplayNameType
Represents the possible display names used to represent a time zone.
Public enumerationWorkgroupQueueType
Represents the Queue Type for Workgroups.

Version Information

Supported for IC Server version 2015 R1 and beyond.
For 4.0, supported for IC Server version 4.0 GA and beyond.
For 3.0, supported for IC Server version 3.0 SU 6 and beyond.