The CtiAttributeMapConfiguration type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCallAttribute
The name of the call attribute to sync to Salesforce.
Public propertyChanged
Indicates if this object has been modified since it was retrieved from the server.
(Inherited from EditableListConfigurationObject<(Of <(<'TPropertyEnum>)>)>.)
Public propertyConfigurationId
Gets the configuration ID. (Use Property.Id and Property.DisplayName to filter or sort on this property.)
(Inherited from ListConfigurationObject.)
Public propertyIsDateTimeAttribute
Specifies if the call attribute is a Date/Time value.
Public propertyIsNewObject
Gets a value indicating whether this object is a new object.
(Inherited from ConfigurationObject.)
Public propertyOriginalConfigurationId
Following a commit, this will be equivalent to the configuration ID that was assigned to this object prior to the commit.
(Inherited from ListConfigurationObject.)
Public propertySalesforceField
The field in a Salesforce Activity to set the call attribute to.
Public propertySyncOnInbound
Specifies if the attribute should be mapped for inbound calls.
Public propertySyncOnOutbound
Specifies if the attribute should be mapped for outbound calls.

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