IceLib 2015 R3 includes a number of features that have been added, improved, and changed. Each namespace in IceLib is broken out to list each of these changes, to make it easier to find places where existing IceLib integrations may need to be updated for major breaking changes, or places where integrations could be enhanced to use newly introduced features.

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A new CustomProfileParameters class was added to help aid in creating CustomProfile objects via the newly added GetApplicationCustomProfile(CustomProfileParameters) method. A new RestrictCacheRefreshOption property was added to allow IceLib-based applications to opt-out of refreshing the previoulsy cached custom profile data when requesting profile information that does not exist (e.g. for custom profile information that may have been deprecated, and is no longer always present).


In 4.0 SU 5, the AlertFilterKey(AlertSet, String) constructor was incorrectly marked obsolete, and is no longer marked as such. Along with that change, the AlertFilterKey..::..TargetId property is now no longer marked obsolete. Clarifying comments have been added as to their proper usage.