IceLib 2017 R3 includes a number of features that have been added, improved, and changed. Each namespace in IceLib is broken out to list each of these changes, to make it easier to find places where existing IceLib integrations may need to be updated for major breaking changes, or places where integrations could be enhanced to use newly introduced features.

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A new ForceUserLogout property was added to allow configuring RoleConfiguration, UserConfiguration, and WorkgroupConfiguration objects with the ability to force a user logout.


A new ForceUserLogout(String) method, as well as its associated ForceUserLogoutAsync(String, AsyncCompletedEventHandler, Object) method, was added. These methods provide the ability to force an IC User to be logged out of any IC-related application they are currently logged in to.


A new HasEmailContent()()()() method was added to add a way for consumers to determine if the EmailInteraction has content.


A new AllowForceUserLogout, as well as the supporting AllowForceUserLogout field, was added to allowing configuring users with the ability to force a user logout.


A new SiteIdFilter(ReportingManager, Int32) constructor was added to support filtering on all sites. A new SupportsAllSites property was added so that consumers can tell if the IC Server supports filters using all sites.