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Open Source Projects
I wanted to highlight some open source projects located in GitHub https://github.com/InteractiveIntelligence.  The goal of the open source projects is to provide sample apps, useful utilities and anything in between.  These projects are hosted under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/ license which basically means that all code can be used in other open source or closed source projects as well as free and paid applications.  

Git used better suited for linux and mac, but GitHub has a really nice windows client to do everything you need, they also have a good number of resources to help you understand git and GitHub.  Looking forward a little bit, we are hoping to have some of these projects hosted for download on the Interactive Intelligence MarketPlace.  Since these are all open source, they would be available on the MarketPlace for free, but at the same time will also be without a support option. 

An example of a project that can use community involvement is the web browser click to call plugins.  The plugins will turn phone numbers on web pages into clickable links with tel: URIs.  This lets the .net client handle the click action and dial the number.  For web client users, the click will also find the WebClient running in another tab, and inject the number into the page and use the client to dial the number.  At the time of writing this blog, only the chrome plugin is in a usable state, the Fire Fox plugin has an issue when it loads that prevents it from actually doing anything.  Work for an Internet Explorer version hasn't even started.

I welcome everyone to contribute to these projects as well, to fix bugs or add features as needed.  You can fork a project, work on it and then send a pull request and we can get it back into the master project.