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Assign Codes to an Outgoing Interaction

Requirements: See Working with Account and Wrap-Up Codes.

If your company uses account codes or tracks calls by workgroup, then you can be prompted to assign an account code or ACD workgroup every time you make a call. Your system must be appropriately configured in order for you to be prompted. For more information, see Advanced Dialing Options.

Tip: You can also assign an Account code in the Interaction Properties sidebar. In the same sidebar, you can assign a Wrap-Up code to an outgoing interaction made on behalf of a workgroup.

To assign an account code or a workgroup to an outgoing interaction:

  1. Click the Make a phone call icon.

Result: The Advanced Dialing Options dialog box appears

  1. Type a phone number or select a recently-called number from the Number drop-down list.

  1. Select the appropriate Account Code or Workgroup code.

Note: Account code defaults to the last account code you used.

  1. Click Make Call.

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