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Interaction Optimizer

Interaction Optimizer is a Workforce Management (WFM) application that enables administrators to effectively schedule resources. Interaction Optimizer is an optional component of Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

Note: Interaction Optimizer is enabled only if your CIC system has the appropriate feature licenses. Interaction Optimizer administrative features are available in IC Business Manager. For more information, see the Interaction Optimizer Technical Reference.

Interaction Optimizer also enables you as an agent to view your schedule, submit time off requests, and trade shifts with other agents. Your CIC administrator determines whether you have access to these Interaction Optimizer features inside Interaction Connect.

Agent Optimizer Features and Requirements

This section describes the rights and licenses required to access these agent-oriented features. Agents can use Interaction Connect for the following features, if they:

  • Have an Interaction Optimizer Schedulable license.

Note: You need this license to use the Interaction Optimizer views. You don't need this license to display these views.

  • Have an Interaction Optimizer Client Access license.

  • Have the Customize Client Security right which enables them to display Interaction Optimizer views inside Interaction Connect and customize settings.

  • And meet the other requirements listed below.


Other Requirements

Display your schedule

View Plug-ins Access Control right for the Optimizer Schedule.

Display the My Shift Trading view

Shift Trading Access Control right.

Submit, edit, or cancel time off requests

Agent can submit time off Interaction Optimizer Security right

Also, the agent must belong to an Optimizer Scheduling Unit and be assigned to a Shift Definition.

Note: Administrators configure Scheduling Units and Shift Definitions in Interaction Center Business Manager.

Trade shifts with other agents

Agent can trade shifts Security Right and

CIC administrator must enable Shift Trading in ICBM.