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Save Logs

Note: Your CIC administrator can set a server parameter in Interaction Administrator that can hide the Save Logs command. Contact your CIC administrator for details.

If you experience a problem, you can generate a CIC client log file, attach it to an email message and send it your CIC support representative.

  1. Open the menu and select Save Logs.

Result: The CIC client generates a log file named inin-logs.txt and places it in your Windows downloads directory. It appends a number to the log file name if you created this file previously.

  1. In your Windows downloads directory, right-click the file and select Send to > Mail recipient.

    Result: A new email message window opens in your default email program. The selected log file is attached to the message.

    Note: Windows 10 doesn't have the Send to option until you create a MAPI file. You can attach the inin-logs.txt file to an email to your Genesys Customer Care representative or other designated person.

  1. Supply any other useful information or comments in the email message.

  2. Address the message to your Genesys support representative or other designated person and click Send.

    Note: Contact your PureConnect administrator for the email address for all of your company’s problem reports.