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Coach Button

Requirements: The "Coach" Interaction Command Right determines if the Coach button can appear on a toolbar. It also controls whether the Coach command appears on a shortcut menu. The Coach Interactions Security right enables you to coach an interaction appearing in My Interactions. The Monitor Station Queues, Monitor User Queues, or Monitor Workgroup Queues Access Control rights enable you to coach an interaction appearing on another queue.



Queue Control toolbar


Click this button to add yourself to an agent’s call on any user or station queue you have permission to monitor. This enables you to provide advice to the agent without the customer knowing that you are assisting on the call. The agent can hear your side of the conversation, but the customer cannot.

This feature is especially helpful to supervisors who are training new agents, monitoring employee customer service performance, or simply providing assistance with a customer call.

Tip: If the agent presses the Mute button while you are "coaching" the agent, the customer no longer hears the agent but the agent can continue to converse with you. The Mute button does not affect the audio between the agent and the coach.

Note: You must have permission to use the Coach feature and you must have permission to monitor queues. If you have questions about your rights and permissions, see your CIC administrator.

Note: The Coach button is unavailable if the interaction is not in a state in which this action can be performed.

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