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Command Palette

To avoid conflicts with browser access key combinations already used by your browser, Interaction Connect includes a command palette. The command palette gives you keyboard access to common commands like Pickup or Dial.

The command palette is context-sensitive. It provides commands appropriate to your current focus and user rights. For example, if you select a Company Directory contact, the command palette includes the Dial command for dialing the contact's phone number.

Note: The Command Palette always includes My Interactions specific commands, regardless of your focus.

To use the Command Palette:

  1. To display the Command Palette, do one of the following:

    • In Windows, press Ctrl+. (period)

    • In Mac OS, press Command+. (period)

  1. Begin typing the name of the command.

    A list of matching and applicable commands appears. Search results include context like the name of a selected contact. Search results always include matching commands from My Interactions, regardless of your current focus.

    Command Palette search results

  2. To select the appropriate command, use the down and up arrow keys and press Enter.