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Create a Speed Dial View

Requirements: Your CIC administrator must create the appropriate Contact List Source before you can create a Speed Dial view. Also you need the Can Create Speed Dials Security right to create a Speed Dial view.

A Speed dial view provides a quick way to dial frequently called contacts.

Warning: Once a Speed Dial view is created, its settings cannot be changed.

To create a Speed Dial view:

  1. Click the Add View icon (plus sign) next to any tab.

  2. Click Show all Views.

  3. In the Directories section, select Speed Dial.

  4. In the Speed Dial list, click Create a new Speed Dial.

  1. Click the Create button.

Result: The Create Speed Dial dialog box appears.

  1. In Speed Dial Name, enter a unique name for your new speed dial directory.

  2. If you want other users to be able to add your Speed Dial view to their CIC client interface, select Public.

  3. If you decide to make the new Speed Dial view public, select the options you want to grant other users for this Speed Dial view:

    • To enable other users to add additional entries to the Speed Dial view, select Add Entries.

    • To enable other users to edit the default number assigned to entries on this Speed Dial view, select Change Entries.

    • To enable other users to remove entries from this Speed Dial view, select Delete Entries.

Tip: Use caution when granting others the ability to delete speed dial entries. Once someone removes the last speed dial entry from a Speed Dial view, the system permanently deletes the Speed Dial view and it cannot be recovered.

Note: A user with Directory Administrator Security rights assigned in Interaction Administrator can delete or add contacts from a public Speed Dial view. They can also delete or rename the Speed Dial view even if they did not create the view.

    • To enable other users to change the name of this Speed Dial view, select Rename the Speed Dial.
  1. Click Create Speed Dial.

Result: The new view is added to the list of available Speed Dial views.

  1. In the Add Views dialog box, click Add View.

Result: The new Speed Dial view appears. It is empty.

Tip: For more information about adding Speed Dial entries to this new view, see Add a Directory Contact to a Speed Dial View.

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