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Custom Buttons

Requirements: You need the appropriate View Client Buttons Access Control right to see all or selected custom buttons in the Queue Control toolbar.

Your CIC administrator can create custom buttons for the Queue Control toolbar which appears on the My Interactions view and other queue management views.

A custom button can invoke a handler or an add-in. A custom button can be available for use at all times or only when an interaction is selected, or only when a specific type of interaction (such as a chat) is selected, or only when an active (not disconnected) interaction is selected.

Custom buttons to which you have the appropriate rights are shown by default and are appended to the right side of the Queue Control toolbar. You can select a Button Style for custom buttons in the Customize Toolbar dialog box. You can move or remove a custom button from your Queue Control toolbar just like any other interaction button.

Custom buttons can also appear in the context menu. If you right-click an interaction, it shows the same buttons that are enabled in the toolbar, depending on the button configuration. For example, if you right-click on the active interaction, you see the custom buttons that are available only when you select an active interaction as well as those that are always available. If you right click on the grid outside of any interaction or even on a disconnected interaction, then you see only the custom buttons that are always available. Custom buttons can also be removed by the CIC administrator from your Queue Control toolbar and the Customize Toolbar dialog box.

The behavior and appearance of custom buttons are defined in Interaction Administrator. Contact your CIC administrator for information on using custom buttons.

Note: Custom buttons defined in Interaction Administrator can appear in both Interaction Desktop and Interaction Connect.  Custom buttons that invoke an add-in work only in Interaction Connect.  Custom buttons that launch a local application work only in Interaction Desktop. Custom buttons that invoke a handler work in both CIC clients.

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