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Email Interactions

An email icon identifies an email interaction. The reply to an ACD-routed interaction is linked to the original email interaction and appears on the following line.

Several columns are available in My Interactions that are useful for email interactions.

Note: The View Queue Columns Access Control right determines whether you can display the Attachments, Details, Importance, or Subject columns in My Interactions.

  • An icon appears in the Attachments column if an email interaction has an attachment.

  • In My Interactions, the Details column displays the email message subject. It can also display an importance icon and an attachments icon.

  • The Importance column displays an icon indicating whether an email message is of high or low importance. It is blank for usual importance.

  • The Subject column displays an email message subject.

Tip: You can sort and group your email interactions by clicking the appropriate column heading.

Email interaction in My Interactions

  • When you pick up an email interaction, its state changes to ACD Assigned: (Agent name), and other agents are not able to respond to the message. However, if the email interaction is transferred to you, or if you pick it up even though you are a not a member of the workgroup to which the email interaction was routed, its state changes to Connected.

  • As with all interactions, an email interaction remains in the workgroup queue unless a non-member of the workgroup picks it up. If a non-member of the workgroup picks it up, it disappears from the workgroup queue.

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