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Interaction Scripter

Requirements: To use the Interaction Scripter integration with Interaction Connect, you need the Interaction Scripter and Interaction Dialer Add-On licenses. To select the campaigns in which you want to participate, you need the Logon Campaign Security right. Agents without this right automatically log on to all active campaigns associated with the workgroups to which the agent belongs.

You use Interaction Scripter to process outbound calls placed by Interaction Dialer. These outbound calls are campaign calls. A campaign is a collection of properties that tell Interaction Dialer how to process the database table that contains telephone numbers and other information.


Every campaign has a script that controls what you see in the Interaction Scripter view when a call is sent to you. The Interaction Scripter view supports both basic and custom campaign scripts.

Your CIC administrator defines basic campaign scripts in Interaction Administrator. Basic scripts display columns from the contact list, and may offer textual prompts for the agent to read to the contact. Basic scripts provide simple page-to-page navigation controls and call disposition options.

Custom scripts also provide screen pop, navigation controls, and disposition options, but with any desired appearance and layout. Custom scripts require web development expertise to create.

Note: Custom scripts written to run in Interaction Scripter .NET Client must be modified to run in Interaction Connect. Developers can find information about the required modifications in the Interaction Scripter Developer's Guide in the PureConnect Documentation Library.