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Interaction Process Automation Terminology

Requirements: See Interaction Process Automation.

This topic defines Interaction Process Automation (IPA) terms that apply to using IPA. Terms that apply to designing and modifying IPA processes are discussed in the Interaction Process Automation Designer Help.

  • Action: The smallest unit of work. A process consists of structured groups of actions. Actions can include completing a work item, accessing a database, invoking a Web service, calling a handler, interfacing with a mainframe or third-party application, sending email, queuing work items for groups of people, and more.

  • Active: A process is either active or inactive. A process becomes active when it is published. An administrator can deactivate a process to stop people from using it. The CIC administrator or an IPA process designer can reactivate a process.

  • Form: The user interface displayed when you pick up a work item. It also includes the work item category, description, and due date of the assigned work.

  • Launch a process: A process can be initiated (launched) in different ways depending on how it is designed. For example, processes can be launched by a CIC client user or a handler.

  • Process Definition: A Process Designer creates a process definition. A process is defined first in terms of states. A process is a group of states, running like an assembly line. States define the pipeline through which work flows. Each state is comprised of a series of tasks and actions.

  • Process Instance: When a process is launched, a new process instance is created from the selected process definition. An instance is a running process. Multiple instances of the same process can run at the same time.

  • Task: A sequence of actions performed by the CIC server and/or CIC client users to achieve a specified result.

  • Work Item: A work item is a form that is presented to a CIC client user to gather information. When the corresponding process is launched, work items appear in My Interactions.

  • Work Item Interaction: A related interaction, such as a call or fax, which is associated with a work item.

  • Work Item State: The current condition of a work item. A work item state is similar to an interaction state. For more information, see Work Item States.

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