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Open a Fax From Your Inbox

You can open a fax from your email program Inbox. You can forward the fax to another person, just as you would any other email message. You can also set alerts for new fax messages.

Faxes can be managed in one of two ways depending on whether Interaction Fax is installed on your workstation. For more information, see Working with Faxes.

To open a fax from your Inbox:

  1. Open your email Inbox.

  2. Open the email message containing the fax message.

  3. Double-click the attached fax.

Result: One of the following happens:

    • If Interaction Fax is installed on your workstation, it opens and displays the fax.

Note: Use Interaction Fax to view, edit, export, annotate or print the fax. For more information, see the Interaction Fax Help.

    • If Interaction Fax is not installed on your workstation, the default Windows application for the format of the attached file displays the fax.

Note: The CIC administrator must configure your User rights in Interaction Administrator to enable you to receive faxes as TIF files. The Web Client fax format option on your user account can enable you to receive faxes as PDF or PNG files.  Contact your CIC administrator if you do not have Interaction Fax installed and your faxes are not being attached to your email messages in a format you can display.

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