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Supervisor Client Memos

CIC administrators can easily communicate with selected users, workgroups or roles by means of brief messages (client memos). An administrator creates these client memos in Interaction Supervisor and they appear in the CIC client. There are two ways you can receive these client memos: desktop pop-ups and notifications.

Desktop pop-ups

Desktop pop-ups (toast) appear in the lower right-hand corner of your Windows desktop. Pop-ups remain on the screen until you close them or the supervisor removes them.

Note: You cannot retrieve a desktop pop-up after you close it.

Notification Area

Notifications appear in lower edge of the Interaction Connect interface. This notification area contains the text of the latest client memo. If you receive multiple client memos, the text of the client memos scroll one at a time into this area.

Note: Notifications do not appear in this area in Internet Explorer. However, they do appear as messages in the top part of the Interaction Connect interface.

Tip: Click the drop-down arrow in the notification area to display a list of your current notifications.