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Use a Response Shortcut

Requirements: See Working with Response Management.

You can use a response shortcut to insert a stored response in the Current Interaction view when you are participating in a Chat Session or composing an Email Reply. Both system-wide and personal responses can have shortcuts.

To use a shortcut:

  1. Type all or part of the shortcut and press Ctrl+Space.

Tip: To use Response Management shortcuts with certain alternate languages in Windows, such as Chinese Simplified PRC, press Ctrl+Alt+Space. For some alternate languages, Ctrl+Space changes the language setting. Also, if you use a language IME (Input Method Editor), wait until the text you typed has finished converting to the selected IME language before pressing Ctrl+Space for a Response Management shortcut.

Result: If there is only one matching response item, it is automatically inserted in the composition area of the Current Interaction view.

  1. If there are multiple matching response items, do one of the following:

    • Select the appropriate response from the drop-down list that appears automatically.

    • Continue typing to narrow the search further and then select the appropriate response.

    • Press Esc to close the selection drop-down list.

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