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Campaign Scripts

Interaction Dialer supports scripting options that make it easy for developers and non-developers to create scripts that guide agents through the stages of a campaign call.  Customers have multiple ways to develop scripts for Dialer campaigns, plus an option to develop custom integrations using the latest .NET technology.

Base Scripts

Custom Scripts


Custom Applications

No programming required. Configured in IDM Scripts view.

Custom script written using Interaction Scripter API.

Custom script created using CallScripter™.

Custom client application created using Dialer IceLib API.

Use with Interaction Scripter .NET Client and with Scripter in Interaction Connect.

Screen pop contact details to agent.

Configurable call controls: hold, mute, record, transfer, disconnect, request break, Place call (preview only), skip call (preview only)

Easy to configure – fixed page layout

Configurable text at top of each page with substitution macros.

Shows contact's local time.

Multiple pages with selected call list fields per page.

Configurable list of dispositions per page.

License included with each Dialer seat.

Fully configurable interface based on HTML and JavaScript.

Supports screen pop, custom call controls and disposition options.

Customize screens to have any desired appearance and layout.

Requires customer-supplied web development tool and web development expertise.

License included with each Dialer seat.

To develop a custom script for Interaction Scripter .NET Client using HTML and JavaScript, refer to the Interaction Scripter Developer's Guide.

Web-based structured script development and execution environment.

Empowers non-technical users to build scripts quickly and easily using a library of drag and drop controls and ready-made templates.

CallScripter is  a third-party product purchased separately from Interaction Dialer. For details, see  the CallScripter product information page.

.NET API used for integrating third-party applications with Interaction Dialer.

Can be used to create custom client applications similar to Interaction Scripter Client.

Requires .NET programming expertise and API expertise.