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Campaigns view

The Campaigns view manages Campaign entries. Each campaign entry is a collection of properties that tell Interaction Dialer how to process a contact list.  A campaign defines how agents interact with contacts (if at all) and specifies the dialing mode, sort order, and other items.  For each entry, you an control campaign settings (such as the whether the campaign is running or not) and edit campaign properties, such as which contact list is dialed, or the script used by the campaign.

The Campaigns view is divided into three panels


The Campaign Entries Panel  lists campaign entries. Buttons on the right side of the panel add, copy, paste, or remove campaign entries.


The Campaign Execution Panel  provides control over the running state of a campaign, whether it runs in accordance with a schedule, or in a manually operated state. Here you can recycle the contact list, recycle the campaign, and test to ensure that campaign settings are valid.


The Campaign Properties Panel  sets the individual options that make campaigns flexible and applicable to specific campaign goals. Related settings are organized on tabs in a scrolling list on the left.