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Contact Lists view

Interaction Dialer Manager's powerful contact management features make it easier for administrators to manage large contact tables, directly in the IDM user interface. This view manages contact list entries. Each entry is a collection of properties that convey to Interaction Dialer details about the table used to store contact phone numbers. This view provides utilities that query the contact list to create filters that select a subset of data, and functions that manage scheduled callbacks for agents who are unavailable.


The Contact List Entries panel displays the currently available contact lists. Buttons on the right side of the panel add, copy, paste, or remove contact lists.


The Contact List tabs allow you to configure properties and control various aspects of the currently selected contact list. There are five tabs on which you can set the properties of a contact list:

  • Options on the Details tab set the minimum required properties of a contact list object. You must select a connection, a table that contains contact records, and identify at least one column that contains contact phone numbers.

  • Options on the Data Query tab make it easy to query the contact list, save queries as filters, and apply actions to query results to modify or remove records.

  • Options on the Scheduled Calls tab manage scheduled callbacks for unavailable agents—agents who are sick, on vacation, or who have left the company.

  • Options on the DNC Metadata tab allow you to manage and search thru additional metadata from

  • Options on the Campaign Ownership tab allow you to manage the ownership of records from a single contact list that is shared by multiple campaigns.


Depending on which Contact List tab you select, you'll see a set of appropriate properties and controls.