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Interaction Dialer Manager Help (PureConnect Outbound)

Interaction Dialer—a key component of the multichannel outbound capability of PureConnect—is a client/server extension that adds automated dialing, manual calling, and campaign management features to CIC servers. Since Interaction Dialer is a CIC application, it utilizes CIC's architecture, feature set, and event processing engine. Campaigns can scale to hundreds of agents at one site or thousands across multiple locations. Campaigns can run simultaneously across multiple CIC sites but are administered centrally.

  • Interaction Dialer conducts campaigns by contacting a list of people according to a prescribed list of rules.

  • Interaction Dialer places outbound telephone calls for campaigns, plays audio files to answering machines, sends faxes to fax machines, and routes calls answered by a live person to an Interaction Attendant profile or directly to Dialer agents.

  • Interaction Dialer's Manual Calling feature provides you with the ability set up a Dialer server to manually call customers when the situation warrants non-automated calls.

As you use this Help system to learn about Interaction Dialer, keep in mind that this product can be configured to operate in two different ways: 1) as an automated dialing system and 2) as a manual-only calling system. For more information, see the Automatic Dialing vs. Manual Calling topic.

Help System Organization

This help system is divided into sections as follows:



Dialer in Interaction Administrator

This section describes the features in the main Interaction Dialer user interface, which is found in the Dialer container in Interaction Administrator. You'll use the information in this section to learn how to create, configure and manage campaigns, scripts and contact lists as well as take advantage of a whole host of configuration features built into the software. In addition, you'll find information of configuring other Dialer related settings that exist in Interaction Administrator.

Dialer in IC Business Manager

This section describes the features that Interaction Dialer adds to IC Business Manager's Interaction Supervisor component. You'll use the information in this section to learn how to monitor every aspect of an active campaign.

In addition to the Interaction Supervisor component, IC Business Manager hosts Interaction Dialer Administrator, which provides an identical set of configuration controls as found in Interaction Administrator's Dialer container.

Dialer Administration Concepts

The section explains what an administrator must know to manage Interaction Dialer effectively and includes an Introduction to Interaction Dialer . Topics are sequenced to introduce concepts while building familiarity with the system.



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Customer Interaction Center


Interaction Dialer


Outbound Dialer Server

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Manual Calling Server

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Central Campaign Server

"CCS", "Campaign Server"

Advanced Campaign Management


Interaction Dialer Manager

"IDM", "Dialer Manager"

Interaction Scripter API

"Scripter", "Scripter API"

Interaction Scripter .NET Client

"Scripter Client", "Client", "Interaction Scripter Client", "Interaction Scripter"

Scripter in Interaction Connect

"Interaction Scripter Client","Interaction Scripter"

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Accessing Help

To Open Interaction Dialer Help press F1 in Interaction Dialer Manager to open a reference topic describing the current view. Reference topics are linked to background information, feature overviews, and procedures where applicable. You can also press help buttons () in the user interface.

Since IDM plugs into application frameworks, pressing F1 in the host framework may open a different help topic than expected. This can occur when the context of a display screen cannot be determined, when a common user interface element (such as a logon dialog for example) has focus. For best results, click help buttons where applicable.

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