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DNC Sources view

This view manages DNC Sources. A DNC Source provides a list of telephone numbers that should not be dialed. Interaction Dialer customers are strongly encouraged to scrub contact lists against do-not-call (DNC) lists. Scrubbing prevents contact numbers from being dialed by a campaign.

Scrubbing can be performed against in-house lists acquired from government entities or by using, a third-party list cleansing service provided by the Call Center Compliance Corporation. Dialer integrates directly with and also supports custom DNC data sources. The custom data source must be a table that exists in Dialer's database. See DNC Scrubbing of Contact Numbers for additional background information.


Use this field enter the name of a DNC Source entry.

Display Name

This field displays the name of a DNC Source entry.


This option allows you to identify the type of DNC Source. Dialer provides two methods for implementing DNC compliance – integration with (Contact Center Compliance Corporation), or a custom DNC data source approach. Both options support an initial, bulk scrubbing of the entire contact list and just-in-time scrubbing of records before they are dialed. Different configuration choices appear in the Source Details section based on the Type selection.

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