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Global Dialer Settings view

Unlike other views, the Global Dialer Settings view doesn't configure a Dialer object. Instead it allows you to configure system-wide Dialer settings and several important features from the various tabs. Once Global Dialer Settings are configured, they rarely need to be changed.




Configure general system-wide settings for Dialer.

Phone Number Types

Manage phone number types, which are user-defined strings that can be associated with contact columns to identify a type of telephone number.

Outbound Dialing Servers

Define settings for Outbound Dialer Servers.

Configuration Change Auditing

Manage Interaction Dialer's Configuration Change Auditing feature, which tracks all configuration changes made using Dialer Manager or an API such as IceLib.Configuration.Dialer.

HTTP Server

Configure settings for streaming data in and out of a contact list table.

Campaign Server Switchover

Identify the secondary Central Campaign Server for automatic switchover should the primary Central Campaign Server fail for any reason.

Campaign Server Parameters

View, create, modify, and delete Server Parameters on the Central Campaign Server.