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A Policy Set is a top level Dialer object composed of one or more contact policies.  A policy is a per-contact rule.  Contact policies provide low-level control over the processing of individual contact records. A policy is made up of conditions and behaviors.  Conditions determine when the policy applies.  Behaviors define the work performed when a policy condition is true. 

Each behavior modifies the processing of an individual contact record.  For example, a behavior might prevent a contact from being dialed, or require that the call is routed to an Agent who has a specific skill set. Policies allow for implementation of legislative requirements that involve per-contact behavior.  Policies also fire notification events based on individual contact results.  Policy Sets are optional. To have any effect, a Policy Set must be assigned to a campaign.  

Policy Evaluation Types

To control when conditions are evaluated, a policy can be defined as a Pre Call, Call Analysis, or Disposition evaluation type. 

  • Pre Call policy objects are evaluated before the call is made

  • Call Analysis policy objects are evaluated immediately after the Call Analysis result is determined, but before the call is sent to an agent or is dispositioned. 

  • Disposition objects are evaluated after the call is finished and is dispositioned. 

This timeline illustrates when each policy type will be evaluated, per contact list record. Policy evaluation type is determined according to the tab under which the policy is created.

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