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Rule Sets view

Rule Sets define conditional logic to automate the run time characteristics of campaigns. A collection of Rules is called a Rule Set.  Rule Sets are an optional component of campaigns. Rules Sets have no effect unless a campaign is configured to use them.  It is important to understand that Rule Sets, but not individual rules, are assignable to campaigns. Rules Sets do not affect the processing of individual contact records.  Contact Policies, on the other hand, define conditions and behaviors that control the processing of individual contact records. For more information, see Policy Sets view.

The Rule Sets view consists of three panels that you will use to create your rule set.


In the top panel, you will create a Rule Set container by specifying a name for the rule set.


In the middle panel, you will create the Rules and/or Groups that will be in the rule set.


In the bottom panel, you will use the controls to configure how the rules and groups will function.

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