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Zone Sets view


This view manages Zone Sets. A Zone Set is a collection of zone entries.  Each entry specifies when it is appropriate for an Outbound Dialer to call a particular time zone—relative to the local time (system clock) of the Central Campaign server.  You cannot create a zone entry until you have created a Zone Set to put it in.

If the zone column in your contact list stores each contact's time zone, you can use Interaction Dialer's Time Zone Blocking feature to prevent calls from being placed at inappropriate times.

The Zone Sets view manages Zone Sets, which are collections of time zone entries associated with days of week and times of day when calls can be placed to each zone.

You can name a Zone Set anything you like, but the names of Zone Set entries must match time zone names in the contact list's zone column or zones returned by Time Zone Mapping. Time zone mapping circumvents the requirement to store each contact's time zone in the contact list. Time Zone Mapping obtains the time zone by looking up the initial digits of each telephone number in a time zone map data set.  

The name of each zone entry (e.g. EST) corresponds to the name of a zone in the contact list table.  You can name a Zone Set anything you like.  However, zone entry names must be unique within the set, and must match the names of zones in the contact list table's zone field.

Once a zone set and its zone entries has been defined, it can be assigned to a campaign by selecting the zone set by name in a campaign configuration. Thereafter, based on zones in the contact list and time constraints defined in the zone set, contacts will receive calls only at permitted times.

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