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 roles.gif user.gif Assign administrator access rights

Administrator access allows a user to modify configuration options in Interaction Administrator containers. You can assign administrator access to any role, workgroup, user, or the default user.

Note: If you enabled the Enhanced Interaction Administrator Change log, then all of your changes on this page are tracked in that log. For more information, see About the Enhanced Interaction Administrator Change Log.

To assign administrator access rights

  1. In the Security page, click Administrator Access.
    The Administrator Access dialog box appears.

    By default (<All>) categories are displayed. You can select a specific category of access rights or you can locate rights by using the Search box.
  1. Select the rights to assign. You can assign specific access rights within a group (or container), or assign *[All] access rights in a group.
  1. Click Close.
    The Administrator Access page appears.

  2. Click Apply.
    Your configuration changes are saved.


To allow an administrator to assign (edit) all of the actions in the Actions container

  1. From the Category list, select System.

  2. Under Actions, select the *[All] check box.

  3. Click Close.


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